Sunday, October 3, 2010

Out Of The Ashes

Today would be fast Sunday once again. I have been thinking today about life and the strange places that it can take a person. It seems that we can have our lives all planned out how we think that they should be and be going down the path that we desire, and suddenly in an instant we can find ourselves on a path that is unfamiliar and we become fearful. However, when we look into the distance and see the path which we once trod we can see the big picture of it. And that it leads to nowhere. So we start down our new path full of fear and anxiety with flames behind us all the way. As we journey on we start to realize that these flames are lighting our way as we travel and that out of the aftermath and ashes of a life once lived something better and more beautiful can grow. This is when we really find ourselves. The fear will disappear and we will live our lives from now on with reckless abandon knowing that we are being watched over by a higher power that is bigger than ourselves. And all along the path that we have walked we are leaving a trail of beauty and good despite the violence of the flames. Sometimes the most violent and painful of circumstances can make us something more than we could have ever become by ourselves. We become born again and a new being on every level of existence. and our spirits are made free from the worry and fear that once governed our lives. We can live and see with new eyes and capture the beauty and meaning in everything that we have been through. I am so grateful for my life experience. It has made me who I am. And who I am is something more than I ever could have imagined. I hope and pray to God that each of us will come to realize our true selves and the true importance which we hold in the grand scheme of things that at times can feel like total chaos. For out of chaos is beauty born and people made. Amen.